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Improved vegetable supply in Lahore brings prices down

LAHORE: The prices of the winter vegetables have nosedived in the retail market and city’s Sunday bazaars following an increase in vegetable supply from the local market.

The prices of winter vegetables such as green peas, cauliflower, carrot, green chilli and leafy vegetables significantly dropped to an all-time low for the first time since the onset of winter that brought much relief to the customers.

Prices of summer vegetables, like okra and bitter gourd, also dropped considerably for the first time in the season. Bitter gourd was being sold at Rs 80 per kg while ladyfinger was at Rs 120 to 140 per kg, depending on the quality.

Green peas were being sold at Rs 50 per kg in the retail market while the rate in the wholesale market was Rs 30-40 per kg. Leafy vegetables, like spinach, were being sold at Rs 30-40 per kg in the retail market.

The average price of vegetables was Rs 20 per kg at the Shadman’s Sunday Bazaar, compared to Rs 40 a fortnight ago.

Traders said that winter vegetables, including cauliflower, cabbage, beans, radish, and spinach, arrived in the market in abundance, and that’s why their prices went down. Cabbage, spinach, radish and carrot were being sold at Rs 20 per kg. Mungray were being sold at Rs 40 per kg so were cucumbers.

However, brinjal, a common vegetable, was missing from the Sunday bazaar and even from the retail market, due to its expensive price.

Zaffar Khan, a vendor at the bazaar said, “We cannot afford to bring brinjal at Rs 55-60 from the wholesale market and sell it at Rs 35 per kg in the Sunday bazaar.”

Another vendor Riaz Hussain said, “Brinjal was at Rs 300 per 5 kg in the wholesale market. We are here to earn profit, not to sustain losses.”

Market Committee Inspector Muhamad Riaz said that the prices of winter vegetables were reduced due to a better supply from the local market— Punjab. “All crops are ready and being supplied to the wholesale market,” he added.

Meanwhile, prices of tomatoes and onions significantly dropped in the retail market. The current price of tomatoes was Rs 36 per kg in the Shadman Sunday bazaar and Rs 40 in the retail markets, while the onions were being sold at Rs 46 per kg.

The market committee had kept a vigilant eye on the official price list and imposed fines at vendors who were selling products at higher prices or without an official price list.

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