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Two Baloch students go ‘missing’ in Karachi

KARACHI: Despite the uproar by parliament and the general public, the citizens keep on ‘disappearing’ mysteriously.

Another Baloch student of Karachi University along with his younger brother has been whisked away from their residence in Maddu Goth, located just off of University Road, on Thursday.

The incident comes after a Karachi University student was ‘kidnapped’ from the campus less than two months ago.

Mumtaz Sajidi Baloch and his brother Kamran Sajidi were reportedly picked by law enforcement agencies (LEAs) personnel in plainclothes, accompanied by a heavy contingent of police at around 4 am on Thursday.

Mumtaz, a student of KU’s International Relations programme, and Kamran, an intermediate graduate, belong to a middle-class family hailing from Balochistan’s Khuzdar district.

Mumtaz is not a part of any political organisation, but has been active in civil society protests, Dawn quoted a family contact as saying. The family of the disappeared youth is appealing for the release, it added.

Sindh Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) Vice Chairman Asad Iqbal Butt corroborated the account, saying police and plainclothes personnel who arrived in “vehicles without number plates” picked up the two men.

The HRCP official stressed that if a crime was committed then these youth should be produced in the court of law.

“Protesting against the ‘disappearance’ of Sagheer Ahmed Baloch was his democratic right,” he added.

“If Baloch students are picked up in this manner, the situation will move towards anarchy,” said the HRCP official.


Mumtaz’s ‘disappearance’ was strongly protested by civil rights activists and academics, who called for an end to the heinous practice of enforced disappearances.

A human rights activist Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur protested the increase in the disappearance of Baloch students, saying being “being a Baloch and educated is a crime in Pakistan”.

On November 20, Sagheer, a second-year student in the Political Science Department at KU, was having tea near the Visual Studies Department when several persons showed up in a car and two motorbikes and whisked him away.

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