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Revealed: Trump’s button half an inch bigger than Kim Jong Un’s

WASHINGTON/PYONGYANG – After US President Donald Trump claimed that his button “is a much bigger & more powerful one than” North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s, a joint sting operation by The Dependent in both Washington and Pyongyang has revealed the truth.

After comparing the two investigative reports that captured the dimensions of the nuclear buttons currently at the desks of both the American and North Korean leader, The Dependent can reveal that Trump’s button is half an inch bigger than Kim Jong Un’s.

Considering that both buttons are circular in nature, this half an inch refers to the disparity in the circumferences of the two buttons.

However, interestingly, the investigations have further revealed that it is actually Kim Jong Un’s button that is thicker.

After comparing the thickness of the two buttons, it was revealed that the North Korean button was 0.25 mm thicker as compared to its American counterpart.

Even so, the most crucial bit of data collected from the investigation addressed the final bit of the US President’s tweet: “…and my Button works!”

The Dependent can reveal after multiple surveys with those who have proximity to the two buttons, that neither have ever dependably worked.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.