Interpol refuses Pak’s plea to arrest ETPB’s ex-chairman: report | Pakistan Today

Interpol refuses Pak’s plea to arrest ETPB’s ex-chairman: report

ISLAMABAD: Interpol, an international criminal police organisation, has issued a certificate stating that former chief of Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) Asif Hashmi is not wanted by the international police, as reported by a local English daily.

A certificate issued by the office of legal affairs of ICPO-Interpol on December 8, states: “The General Secretariat of the International Criminal Police Organisation-Interpol hereby certifies that as of today, Hashmi Syed Asif Akhter [his original name on the official documents] born on 22 September 1953, is not subject to an Interpol Red Notice or diffusion and is not known in Interpol’s databases. Interpol is aware that in the past the individual was subject of data recorded in Interpol’s databases, yet the data was later cancelled.”

Some senior officials have claimed that the Pakistan Embassy in the UAE had hired a law firm at an estimated 0.4 million dirham (Rs11.4 million), to extradite the former ETPB chairman to Pakistan from Dubai, according to the report.

An approximate Rs12 million was spent on the case overall, despite the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) findings displaying that all necessary recoveries had been made in this case.

Interpol informed the British Law Company, a firm hired by Hashmi earlier this month: “Firm will find enclosed the decision of the commission concerning your client [Hashmi] and an official letter from the Interpol general secretariat, certifying that your client [Hashmi] not subject to an Interpol red notice or diffusion and that he is not known to its databases. To undertake any measures you deemed appropriate from the follow-up of your client’s [Hashmi] case at the national level, we invite you to contact the relevant national authorities.”

Asif Hashmi had been a proclaimed offender by Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in the DHA-ETPB land deal case. He had fled the country to avoid arrest.

Hashmi allegedly sold the ETPB 1,946 kanals of land to DHA on a 25 per cent exemption basis in 2009, whereas the same land was recommended by former ETPB chairman Gen Zulfiqar Ali Khan on a 33 per cent exemption basis to DHA in 2001. The land was situated in Dera Chahal, Lidher and Mota and difference of 8 per cent caused loss of Rs 2 billion while another 225 kanals was evacuated from DHA which was occupied with the connivance of ETPB officials and Hashmi team.

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