ID cards made mandatory for patients seeking treatment at LRH OPD: report | Pakistan Today

ID cards made mandatory for patients seeking treatment at LRH OPD: report

PESHAWAR: It will now be compulsory for patients to show their Computerised National Identity Cards (CNIC) in order to be treated at the outpatient departments of Lady Reading Hospital, as reported by a local English daily.

The main purpose of this new condition, by the hospital, is to collect data on the number of people from far-flung areas that are visiting the hospital, while avoiding their own areas for treatment.

Lady Reading Hospital Director Dr Khalid Masud told the newspaper that the data collected will then be shared with the health department, which is planning to set up a referral system.

He said that this condition only applies to patients who do not have any emergency needs and are ‘normal.’ He further said that another reason for this step to have been undertaken is that the hospital is now receiving 5,000 patients in 24 hours, and wants to reduce the patient load.

Masud said that due to a massive load at the hospital, patients with chronic illnesses face hardships in getting treatment as beds are now occupied by people who do not need urgent help.

It is also a part of the National Action Plan to collect data about the number of patients coming to the hospital. He clarified that patients are not turned away if they show up without identity cards, instead, they are asked to bring ID cards on their next visit.

A plan is also in pipeline, to set up cabins where people would insert their registration number in computers to get OPD slips. Apart from that, a medical record system has also been introduced in hospitals where patients are issued registration numbers so that their medical history is displayed on their next visit, according to Dr Khalid.

This will end the need for patients to walk around with a bundle of medical documents.

Improving emergency, gynaecological, cardiology, mother and child services at the district level to facilitate people, is right now the priority of the health department, Masud concluded.

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