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G-Wallet — The era of smart wallets has begun

With the colossal increase in street crimes, safety and protection of our valuables has risen as a concern of immense significance for the people of Pakistan. Of all our belongings, our wallets are the most vulnerable assets as we carry them around on daily basis, whatever we do, wherever we go. The solution to this is to devise a GPS enabled wallet termed G-Wallet. The goal is to show how this wallet is a customer’s one-stop shop for financial safety and security. This is carried out by a comprehensive overview of the concept of G-Wallet that involves GPS-enabled chip embedded inside the wallet, proximity sensors, and mobile applications to facilitate handling, all of which is done while maintaining the key features that make wallets a symbol of class and status. The G-Wallet takes the GPS technology and gives a new spin to the concept by incorporating it in wallet security, the added proximity sensors that notify the customer in case of theft is revolutionary in itself. The proximity sensors are handled through a mobile application that also lets the customer track the location of the wallet and notifies as proximity decreases. All these features require power and the G-Wallet makes use of a rechargeable and replaceable battery that can last up to a week, this is to ensure that the authorities have ample time to respond and track the wallet in the unlikely event of theft. The G-Wallet highlights the importance of security and safety and incorporates a concept that will likely influence the design of future wallets.