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Chinese artists laud Pakistan’s hospitality during CPEC Cultural Caravan

ISLAMABAD: China’s renowned writers and artists have expressed great satisfaction with the hospitality, love and affection given by people of Pakistan to them during China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Cultural Caravan.

“We enjoyed the hospitality everywhere in Pakistan and received with smiles which sent a message loud and clear that we all share the same feelings and our friendship has roots, it’s not just on paper,” T stated Yuan Zhang- a Chinese writer.

She further said: “I simply love Pakistan because of its landscape, cultural diversity, people and their looks, dresses, folk dances and above all of its music. Cultural Caravan kept all of us both Chinese and Pakistani artists thoroughly engrossed.”

Yuang Zhang said that before the cultural caravan, she heard about our friendship with Pakistan but after touring across Pakistan, she found the actual proof of our friendship of both the countries.

The main idea of this project was to promote cultural exchange and dialogue not only between the two countries but also within the boundaries of the country and to promote historical Silk Route.

The  Silk route has played a significant role in the culture and economy of the region throughout the history.  Its visionary transformation into CPEC will be seen as the most powerful engine of change,  development, progress and economic turnaround for the entire region. The CPEC has opened new avenues for Pak-China Friendship and prosperity of both the countries.

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