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Rani Mukerji on motherhood and her three-year break

Powerhouse performer Rani Mukerji is back on big screen after a break of almost three years Her next, Hichki, is set to release early next year where she will be seen playing the role of a teacher who has Tourette syndrome.

During her time away from the screen, Rani got married and gave birth to a daughter with her husband, Aditya Chopra.

In an exclusive interview with Filmfare, Rani spoke about motherhood and her time away from the big screen.

On her time away from the screen, she said, “I’m back looking younger, better and refreshed after having a baby. So I’m not complaining about it at all. Yes, of course, my fans did complain but I’m sure they are reasonable enough to understand that when you have a baby, unfortunately, if men would have babies we would be free to go about with our jobs but it’s not like that. We can not fight with nature.

On motherhood, she commented, “As a woman, you do undergo a lot of changes when you become a mother and it’s not only physical changes, there is a lot of emotional change as well that comes into your life because you give birth to a new life. You are responsible for that life. It’s a different emotion for every mother like every single girl who becomes a mother she experiences motherhood in different ways. There are so many women I have heard who probably get back to work in three months. There are women who wait for a year, there are women who come back after probably ten-fifteen years into work, you never know. So emotionally I have gone through a very different phase after having my child and I can only tell you that’s been very enriching, fulfilling and very loving. I have come back with a lot more love for everyone.”

Rani is always seen playing challenging roles on big screen. She will continue doing that in future as well. She says, “More than making a benchmark for myself and only to believe that I would be only offered challenging roles is also a bit much. I think with each script there comes one particular thing about a script that really touches me; it could be a love story that touches my heart or it could be just anything that kind of connects with me as a person because somewhere in all this the Rani that I am, the person, it’s important that something touches me as a human being there is something in the story, something that excites me as an actor. I will always take that up,” she concluded.

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