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PM instructs FPSC to carry out in-depth analysis of CSS result

ISLAMABAD: In order to ascertain the low success rate in competitive examinations, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has instructed the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) to undertake an in-depth analysis of the reasons behind the declining success rate for the past three years.

Sources told this scribe that PM Abbasi has given the task to FPSC to give a comprehensive report on low success rate in the Central Superior Services (CSS) exam.

One official of FPSC, on the condition of anonymity, told that FPSC has started work on this matter. The department will soon give the report to PM while taking input from Establishment Division and Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform.

Every year, FPSC issued an examination report having each subject recommendations. The officer further added that the high ups “instructed us to prepare report keeping in view all aspects that are beneficial for aspirant candidates.

FPSC will also make a comparative analysis of the recruitment process with other developing countries, the officer stated.

It is necessary to mention here that the CSS examination report 2016 had presented a grim picture of candidates, as observers have suggested communicating institutions of higher education to take required academic measures to enhance English language proficiency of the graduates.

Most of the candidates like to criticise and give pessimistic views, which is not a healthy trend, the report says, further mentioning that the standard of the scripts was dismal and highly unsatisfactory.

The passing rate of the CSS exams has been declining for the past few years. In 2014, 24,640 candidates applied for the written test against 315 vacancies. Of them, only 233 managed to clear all tests. In 2015, a total of 12,176 sat the CSS written test, but only 439 passed, while only 377 qualified for the interview. Similarly, in 2016, a total of 9,643 sat the CSS written test, but only 193 recommended for appointment.

Minister for Planning, Development and Reform Ahsan Iqbal, a few days back had also given the presentation to PM on civil services reform. The minister stated that there is a dire need for reorganisation of the federal government after 18th Amendment, as many matters have been transferred to provinces.

The federal minister also talked about the need to review the incentive structure for the bureaucracy, which is the important impediment to getting a quality human resource in the civil services.

The PM directed ED to review the need for reducing the number of occupational groups as part of federal civil services in view of the reduced domain of federal government after the 18th Amendment.

Talking to Pakistan Today, Planning, Development and Reform Secretary Shoaib Siddiqui stated that FPSC will do an in-depth analysis of CSS result, and give the report to PM.

“We will also give our input in that report, in order to produce more professional and capable civil servants, who [will be able to] brace the modern day challenges,” he added.

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  1. Kainth said:

    There must have some transparency in FPSC’s general recruitment system as FPSC does not share DMCs with the students who fail to qualify the written part of general recruitment posts advertised by FPSC . In case of huge amount of candidates , FPSC makes two papers and divide the candidates alphabetically that causes issues as candidates find element of partiality in written result. Please ask them to change their policies.

  2. Nadeem said:

    Basic question is why there is English at all?
    Is english the only meter to judge capability of potential civil servant? When officers have to deal with public in urdu,Punjabi or Balochi why we need english? We are wasting our human resources merely for a foreign language. This need to be changed.

  3. Javeria kiani said:

    English cannot be set as judging criteria of css. In doing so, we are losers, as a nation. (Sorry to say)

  4. Asfand Malik said:

    Unfortunately, English is being used to judge the capability of a candidate however national and regional languages are set aside by Commission. Clearly, supreme Court judgement favor regarding Urdu system but Mafia didn’t permit .Many nations become developed and prosperous through their local languages.

  5. Arshad Nawaz said:

    There should be upper age limit for disabled person at least 40 years . So they also participate in this exam

  6. Ali Raza said:

    FPSC does not take English as a criteria, but merely use it to deliberately exclude candidates. Many candidates despite having high profile skills in English language fail in this subject. The “trend system” for numbering papers is playing a havoc. One year you pass the English subject due to good scoring trend and the next year you fail in it with the same preparation due to low scoring trend. Where is merit?
    I would request PM and chief justice supreme court to take complete review of this matter and also reopen this exam for the effected candidates of 2014, 2015 and 2016 who poured their precious years in it but could make it out due to wrong checking system. We request a complete audit and accountability of FPSC CSS exams of year 2014, 2015 and 2016 through NAB.
    I will also request to increase the number of chances from 3 to 5 or 6. And also compensate those candidates of 2016 who couldn’t avail the upper age limit of 30 due to late arrival of notice.

  7. Daniyal said:

    Remove useless subjects from css like islamiat and make it completely mcqs based and you will see the change in the scores immediately and make English even more harder than before we don’t want idiots as csps and finally quadruple the basic pay of csps only then will it be attractive to young kids

  8. Shu said:

    The age limit of Css, just like Europe and India must be increased to 35. It’s 21 till 35 , we should have the same . Naya Pakistan.

  9. Ann khan said:

    Why English is the only criteria to judge?there should b a two way system of attempting a paper,either English or Urdu.then u’ll see a clear result.we still are servants of West…instead of doing for our own.

    Secondly,age limit should be increased to 35 atleast.there are lot many students ..even in urban areas who have different hurdles in completing Thier basic studies… especially girls.
    results can be changed by doing efforts not just “keeping looking into matters,sending reports and then keeping them aside for centuries.”

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  13. Secular Pakistani said:

    Excellent comment. I too gave CSS in 2015 and despite having a world class engineering degree from UK, I could not make it. The system is very unreliable and there is no merit at all. We request Supreme Court and Prime Minister to start a thorough investigation into CSS 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 examinations, huge scandals will come out of it I think. The way they check English is absolutely ridiculous, I failed Essay and passed Precis paper, can you believe it? Other times one will get the opposite result, due to deliberately targeting subjects and hardworking candidates. They try to reduce the number of passed people so that FPSC has to conduct few interviews instead of thousands. If thousands pass, let them pass, shortlist the top 300, but for God’s sake don’t play with this country and our future. Many toppers have failed in subsequent attempts, what is this?

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