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Here’s what you can do when Apple slows down your old iPhone

Following Apple’s admission that it is slowing down older iPhones, many people have been wondering what this means for their smartphone, according to Metro.

But a simple battery change may be sufficient. Every rechargeable battery grows weaker and becomes less efficient over time. Not only will an aged battery hold less charge, but it will find it harder to deliver big bursts of power over a very short period of time.

When an application demands a lot of computing power from an older iPhone, the software will slow down so the battery finds it easier to deliver enough power to the chips. This will reduce the strain on the battery, giving it a longer operational life, but it will slow down your iPhone to compensate.

Whether Apple was right to keep this software feature hidden is a discussion for another time. When you see this slowing down happen, you could simply buy a brand new iPhone. But now that Apple’s secret solution has been revealed, it has highlighted a simpler and cheaper way to bring back the speed to your iPhone – fit a brand new battery.

There are three main ways to change the battery on your iPhone; you can do it yourself, you can ask Apple to do it, or you can ask a third-party repairer to do it. Each has unique advantages and disadvantages. A quick search online will find reveal guides on a DIY battery replacement.

Make any mistake and you will be on your own – most repair centres will refuse to touch a DIY disaster. If you don’t fancy opening your very expensive smartphone, then the easiest solution is to ask Apple to change the battery. Depending on the age of your iPhone and if you have the extended warranty, this may be done for free.

Call in at your local Apple Store to book an appointment and it can be done same day. Alternatively, talk to the support team online and you can post your iPhone to the Apple engineers. Typically your phone will be back with you within a week. There are independent repair centres that can replace the battery on your iPhone.

Some of them are authorised Apple repair centres (such as Opal IT, based in Edinburgh and Newcastle), while others are fully independent. If you still have a warranty with Apple we’d recommend sticking with the former just in case you need to go back for a larger warranty repair, otherwise ask around for some personal recommendations.

No matter which option you choose, your iPhone will recognise the new battery, any performance limits that iOS will have placed on your smartphone will be removed, and your iPhone will be as good as new, ready to take on the world with its new go-faster battery.

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