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Girl assaulted in Florida school for being ‘Muslim’

A Muslim student, Manaal Munshi, 14, has been assaulted by her fellow students at West Boca High School (WBHS), Florida, on Friday.

Terming it an incident of Islamophobia, the father of the girl, Shakeel Munshi, said that his daughter was bullied by a group of girls at WBHS “solely because of her religion”.

“The girl reportedly decided to confront her bullies at Sunset Cove Amphitheatre, adjacent to the school. That’s when she says the group of girls attacked her,” reported a local Florida news outlet.

The girl is seen wearing an anti-bullying shirt in the video. It’s been viewed on social media more than 100,000 times and shares thousands of times.

Palm Beach County Superintendent Dr Robert Avossa gave CBS 12 a statement on the incident:  “I am aware of the incident that occurred off campus with these students, and I am saddened by this senseless violence. I am further concerned about individuals who stood by to videotape the incident instead of coming to the assistance of their peer by calling 911. As a community, we cannot ever get to a place where we are passive bystanders of such acts. We must expect more from one another and certainly, I expect more from our students.”

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