Terrorism in Pakistan emerged after we decided to support US, West: NSA Janjua | Pakistan Today

Terrorism in Pakistan emerged after we decided to support US, West: NSA Janjua

ISLAMABAD: National Security Adviser Lt Gen (r) Nasser Janjua on Monday claimed that Pakistan got engulfed in terrorism only after its decision to support the US and the West in the war against terror.

While addressing a National Security Policy seminar, Janjua said that Pakistan’s efforts in eradicating terrorism have unfortunately not been appreciated by the world, despite the fact that Pakistan has suffered the most in this process.

He said that insurgents in Balochistan are now returning the weapons and choosing to say ‘Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan’ (Long live Pakistan), which proves that Pakistan has defeated the ‘wicked ambitions’ of its enemy. He also said that the US policy on the longstanding Kashmir dispute is the same as the Indian policy.

Lt Gen (r) Janjua claimed that the US has opposed the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and has given New Delhi a priority over Islamabad by giving India a significant role in Afghanistan’s political process.

He remarked that Pakistan— in the war against terror— has faced tremendous human and economic loss and Taliban are getting stronger in Afghanistan but the US is blaming Pakistan for “its own failure in Afghanistan.”

He remarked that security in South Asia is under pressure, adding that in opposition to China and Russia, the US has disrupted the balance of power in South Asia.

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  2. what is it ? said:

    Mind the standards, Pakistan comes only close to Bangladesh+ Srilanka
    USA + China only sees money, and India is a mint for them show what you got


    General Janjua is cent percent right that the Americans brought Terror into South Asia and particularly Pakistan. We have paid thousands of lives for eradication of the menace of terrorism. America wants to make Pakistan an escape goat. Americans and Allied Forces have failed miserably in Afghanistan. Now they are finding an excuse to blame Pakistan. Surprisingly Indo-American nexus is doing nothing but sponsoring terrorists in the region. It’s pitty that common American don’t know the region and it’s challenges and they innocently blame the Nation (Pakistan) which has given thousands of lives for cleansing the region of terrorism. Mr. Eddie we have got Indian Intelligence officer Gulbashin Yaddive, who have admitted that he has killed innocent Civilians in Quetta, Karachi and Peshawar. He was taking commands from India. When you have no sense of security, please don’t comment on a person who has spent thirty years of meritorious service in Army. Don’t behave like Trump please.

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