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White Lies

It wasn’t just the commentariat but also the social media that had a field day after the momentous decision of the Supreme Court about the Jahangir Tareen and Imran Khan disqualification case.

The bulk of the jokes gravitated towards the decision having taken out the Tehrik’s meal ticket.

The PTI was divided about whether to celebrate their leader’s acquittal or to bemoan his benefactor’s ouster. The League, on the other hand, was split into two camps: one, the younger lot, which was bemoaning the different set of standards, and two, the senior lot, which was saying that the ouster of both Nawaz Sharif and Jahangir Tareen was bad for democracy.

Not a day for unequivocal glee or disdain on either side.

Lots of eyes on heir apparent Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s official lines of public communication as well.

She took apart the chief justice’s statements the day after the judgment. Saying that the judgement regarding the two PTI leaders contained a significant portion justifying the earlier judgment about Nawaz Sharif, the lady was implying that there were some guilty consciences at play.

Interesting times ahead, with the lady pulling no punches.