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Overseas Pakistanis are ambassadors of the country: CM Shehbaz

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said that Pakistani expatriates are the ambassadors of the country and Punjab government has formed an institution named Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC), to resolve the problems of these expatriates.

Talking to a delegation of overseas Pakistanis in London on Saturday, Shehbaz Sharif said that the institution constituted by the Punjab government is discharging its duty to protect the hard-earned income of overseas Pakistanis. He added that this institution is the guarantee of the protection of property of overseas Pakistanis and playing an effective role to resolve their problems.

He said through this institution overseas Pakistanis have been given their rights and thousands of overseas Pakistanis have got benefits from this commission. He added that overseas Pakistanis have a very important role in the economy of the country and “we will make Pakistan a great country through unity and harmony.”

The chief minister said that properties or land of expatriates cannot be grabbed after the formation of the commission. He added that the commission has set the great example of teamwork and has served without fear and lust.

Shehbaz further stated that overseas Pakistanis have proved their talent in various fields of life including education, games, technology and others. He added that “Pakistan will progress when we will work together with determination and coordination.”

The chief minister went on to say that Pakistan is facing numerous problems, and collective efforts and vision can steer the country out of these problems and put it on the path to progress.

He said that the nation should be united to face all challenges, adding that when all segments of society are united, then the fate of the nation will change for better very soon.  He further stated that the efforts of the PML-N government to eliminate terrorism and end energy crisis have produced positive results.

“Great progress has been made in the war against terrorism with the coordination of civil and military leadership,” Shehbaz added.

The CM further said that no effort was made in the tenure of former rulers to end energy crisis, which according to him is a criminal negligence. He added that the PML-N government focused on the energy crisis and its efforts have been fruitful as load shedding has been controlled with the efforts of the government.

The chief minister said that the PML-N government has introduced the culture of merit, transparency, and speedy completion of development projects. He added that “every project is evidence of transparency, honesty and hard work.”

CM reviews provision of basic facilities to citizens in cooperation with Istanbul Municipality

Separately, Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif addressed a meeting in the Civil Secretariat via video link from London.

The meeting reviewed measures for cooperation between the Punjab government and the Istanbul Municipality for the water sector, traffic management and horticulture.

Addressing the meeting, CM Shehbaz Sharif said that the Punjab government is working on a comprehensive programme for the provision of basic facilities to the people of Pakistan and every possible step will be taken for cooperation from everywhere to improve civic and other facilities for the people. He added that the country will take benefit from the experience and skill of the Istanbul Municipality in the civic facilities, traffic management, water sector and horticulture.

He further said that the Punjab government has excellent cooperation with several companies of Turkey as the Turkish companies have done heavy investment in solid waste management, transport, health and other sectors. He added that potable water is the basic right of every citizen, and the Punjab government will provide this right.

“For this purpose, Punjab government is working on a mega project to provide drinkable water to the citizens,” he said and added that this mega project is being advanced in a professional manner with the advice of foreign experts. He also said that effective measures have been taken to control traffic flow in Lahore and other big cities of the province and the IGP should give personal attention to traffic management.

He also said an effective traffic plan should be formed and implemented because concerning departments are responsible for ridding the people of traffic burden. He added that modern technology should be used to improve traffic control system.

Lahore lord mayor, chief secretary, additional chief secretary, the home secretary, IGP, and officials concerned attended the meeting in the Civil Secretariat. Punjab Investment Board Vice Chairman Khawaja Ahmed Hassan, Pakistan’s Consul General in Istanbul Dr Yusuf Junaid, and other officials in Turkey attended the meeting via video link from Istanbul, while CM’s secretary and other officers attended the meeting via video link from CM office.      

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