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Commerce ministry to launch campaign promoting positive image of country

ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Commerce (MoC) has decided to launch ‘the nation brand’ campaign in order to counter the extremist, dishonest, and corrupt narrative about the country in international media.

Pakistan Today understands that the ministry is going to launch a movement at a domestic, as well as international, level in order to promote a positive image of the country.

The objectives of this branding is a conscious effort to hone the country’s image through inward investment, as well as boosting exports, restoring international credibility and investor confidence, reversing international rating downgrades, increasing international political influence, developing stronger international partnerships, attracting tourists, enhancing nation building by nourishing confidence, pride, harmony, ambition, national resolve and  shifting Pakistan from an invisible to a visible scoring brand.

Document stated that ministry will engage stakeholders from across the board to ensure pride and create a positive buzz around the country, encouraging positive messaging. In addition to this, the officials will engage all provinces at a national level to promote provincial brands.

In order to implement nation branding cyclic process, officials will prepare strategies and plans pertaining to brand proposition development to highlight Pakistan’s positive image on the international front. Moreover, on the domestic level, the officials will prepare campaigns to ensure the local populace lives up to the brand promise, the document added.

The context of preparing the nation brand is to mitigate the hardcore extremist, dishonest, and corrupt narrative of Pakistan not only in the country but international media. The officials think that there is a wide gap between the perception of Pakistan in the global marketplace and the reality of the country. Pakistan is a country with a rich history, diverse cultures, and significant economic opportunities, but it has been affected by an unstable and weak political environment.

The ministry is cognizant of these shifting political and economic paradigms and aims at bringing together government, businesses, and nonprofits to work collectively towards a cohesive agenda.

It is necessary to mention here that government had also started the ‘Emerging Pakistan’ campaign last month to build a positive image of the country internally and globally. While launching the campaign, the prime minister had stated that Pakistan is a land of vast potential and countless opportunities, breathtaking landscapes and hospitable people, rich traditions and unmatched resilience. Recently, Pakistan embassy in UK unveiled a bust of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah at the British Museum.