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MPCHS violating rules set by interior ministry for private security guards

ISLAMABAD: The security guards of Multi-Professionals Cooperating Housing Society (MPCHS) Islamabad are violating rules set by Interior Ministry regarding the uniform pattern of employees of private security companies by wearing a police-like uniform while during performing duties.

The security guards of MPCHS wear a green colour uniform which has a high resemblance to the police uniform.

According to Interior Ministry, the security guards have to use the pattern of uniform duly approved by the ministry which requires shirt and trousers of blue colour with security badge on shoulders and a badge with the insignia of the company. Black Berret cap with a black belt with rectangular steel buckle is the prescribed pattern of uniform for private security guards.

It has also been intimated by the ministry that the private security guards should also display their Identity cards at all times.

Talking to Pakistan Today, MPCHS Information Secretary Aslam Rao stated, “The security guards of MPCHS have been wearing the uniform since 1988 and it has no resemblance with the uniform of Islamabad police”.

While talking to Pakistan Today Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Public Relations Officer (PRO) Khalid Khan stated that the interior ministry has strictly instructed security guards of private companies to stop wearing uniforms that resemble those of the police and that any infraction of this law will be dealt with severely.

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