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Govt to call APC to discuss Kashmir issue: Raja Zafarul Haq

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the House in the Senate Raja Zafarul Haq said Wednesday that the government will convene an All Parties Conference (APC) here soon to discuss the issue of Kashmir.

He stated this while addressing the participants at a seminar, titled, “Strategising Advocacy and Awareness Campaign about Human Rights Violation in Indian Occupied Kashmir”, organised by the Kashmir Institute of International Relations.

Addressing the participants, Zafarul Haq said that all political parties from Pakistan and Kashmir would be invited to attend the conference which would surely make the Kashmir case stronger at the international level. He said the upcoming conference would prove that all political parties from Pakistan and Kashmir had the same stance on Kashmir.

He further said that Pakistan’s political parties had never changed their stance regarding Kashmir cause, adding that former President General (r) Pervez Musharaf had badly damaged this cause at the international level.

Zafarul Haq also suggested the formulation of an advisory group in which renowned experts of Kashmir policy would be included, and they would identify the strategy to raise the issue at the international level through human rights groups and the international media.

He said the opposition political parties were also as responsible as the government to highlight the Kashmir issue.

He also said that the resolution of the Kashmir conflict was essential for regional peace, adding that the armed forces were protecting the people on the Pakistani side of the Line of Control (LoC).

No country in the world, including India, had ever opposed the United Nation resolution on Kashmir, he informed the participants.

Zafarul Haq said that Kashmir had never been a part of India nor would it ever become one. “It is an open violation of international laws by the Indian government by occupying Kashmir,” he added.

The political leaders from Indian Occupied Kashmir were now on the same page with Pakistan regarding their issues, he further said.

He also suggested that whenever a dialogue was initiated between Pakistan and India in connection with Kashmir conflict, the Kashmiri leaders must be made a part of that dialogue as this issue could not be resolved without their presence.

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