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Dolphin force absent as street crime rises in Old Lahore

LAHORE: The newly introduced Dolphin police force is as of yet nonoperational in Member of National Assembly Hamza Shahbaz’s constituency, where an increasing number of crimes have been a source of trouble for the residents of the area, Pakistan Today has learnt.

The constituency, which comes under the jurisdictions of Gawalmandi, Mochi Gate, Tibi City, Lohari Gate, Delhi Gate and Bhatti Gate police stations, has recently seen an increasing number of criminal activities including mugging and robbery. According to sources in the police, the growing instances of crime in these areas are due to the small number of police personnel present.

Although many personnel have already been trained under the newly launched Dolphin police force project, police authorities have so far been unable to appoint them in several regions which require their services urgently.

About 500 Dolphin force personnel are currently appointed in different areas of the city, while 1,300 more have finished their training and are awaiting appointment. One such area which could do with their services is the electoral constituency of Hamza Shahbaz in the Old Lahore area of the city.

Punjab government recently initiated the training and appointment of the Dolphin force to fight street crime in the provincial capital. Police sources have complained of an inadequate supply of police personnel in areas with rising street crime. However, Punjab inspector general of police (IGP) has so far failed to effectively employ the newly appointed street crime-fighting force in different parts of the city.

Talking with Pakistan Today, Dolphin force Public Relation Officer (PRO) said that the appointment of Dolphin force personnel would soon be completed in Old Lahore area of the city.

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