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Levi’s Live’s seventh session keeps the momentum rolling for live music

LAHORE: Levi’s Live hit the right notes with session seven at Riot Studios featuring Mustafa Zahid (Roxen) and Keeray Makoray who kept the momentum rolling for live music.

The seventh session of Levi’s Live was opened by funk rock band Keeray Makoray and headlined by Mustafa Zahid with his band Roxen which provided an eclectic mix of music to the audience. Keeray Makoray true to its character energized the crowd with some funky groovy tracks. The band’s diverse vocal range along with the poignant performance of Mustafa Zahid and Roxen left the attendees spell bound.

Mustafa Zahid has had a string of successes under his belt since he appeared on the music scene in 2006 on both sides of the border. He has steadily built himself as a playback singer in India with his distinctive vocals and continues to perform nationwide in Pakistan.

Keeray Makoray’s debuted in 2010 and has been producing original music ever since. The progressive rock band comprises powerhouse vocalist Altamash Sever on vocals, Zain Peerzada on Bass with Syed Misbah-ud-Din on guitar and Yusuf & Daud Ramay on Drums.

On performing at Levi’s Live the band members of Keeray Makoray felt it was one of the best live performing experiences they had ever had.

Altamash Sever said, “The sound and management was awesome, and it was a pleasure playing for Levi’s Live.”

While, Daud Ramay with Syed Misbah-ud-Din said, “It was quite the pleasure playing for Levi’s Live. The sound was fantastic, and the audience was fun. I really appreciate how Levi’s and Riot Studios are promoting the Pakistani indie music scene.”

Country Director Levi Strauss Pakistan Mir Zia Mahmood said “Levi’s Live continues to be the only music platform in Pakistan which is bringing “Live” music to life. It gives an opportunity to young emerging talent along with our rock stars to perform in front of music lovers and enthusiasts. We continue to endorse our association with music through this platform.”

Farhad Humayun of Riot Studios said “I think Keeray Makoray are a very cool band and so authentic and fearless. They put on a great show.  Mustafa Zahid’s act was surprisingly heavy and almost metal. It was very different from his songs released in Bollywood which I really liked. The crowd was also different this time. The great thing is that, with Levis Live, we have a recurring activity that’s constructive and urges us all to break the usual partying habit. “

The past live sessions have featured performances by Rizwan Anwar, Jal, Shiraz Uppal, Ammar Farooki, Uzair Jaswal, Diane Desobeau, Abdullah Qureshi, Maria Unera, Farhad Humayun, Bayaan, Noorzadeh Raja, Rakae Jamil, Bilal Khan, Noori- the band and Farhan Saeed among others.

Levi’s Live throughout the year kept its commitment to promoting live music by bringing the best and brightest of the talent Pakistan has to offer on centre stage.  With seven sessions in, Levi’s Live has captivated audiences by reawakening the spirit of live music. Levi’s continues to inspire and empower the next generation of musicians and artists by reviving the live music scene in Pakistan. Levi’s® Live is the embodiment of that spirit that encourages spontaneity, collaborations and entertainment.

The next Levi’s Live session is scheduled for January 2018 and will feature new and upcoming artists.

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