Smog situation in New Delhi should be ‘wake up’ call for Pakistan: Imran Khan | Pakistan Today

Smog situation in New Delhi should be ‘wake up’ call for Pakistan: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Monday said that the smog situation in New Delhi that forced Sri Lankan cricketers to wear facemasks on the field in New Delhi, should serve as a “wakeup call” for Pakistan.

Khan took to Twitter to share his opinion on the matter. He tweeted, “This should be a wakeup call for Pak. Our children are at a huge risk because of dangerous pollution levels. We must mobilise the entire nation and take steps to fight climate change & pollution.”

India and Sri Lanka resumed the on-going test match on Monday in air pollution that was 18 times higher than the level considered safe, in New Delhi. This took place a day after some Sri Lankan players vomited on Sunday due to the increasing levels of smog in New Delhi air.

Previously, Virat Kohli had also written about the increasing smog problem on Facebook. “It´s a situation which is only getting worse by the day. If we don´t act there are going to be massive problems in future. The kids are going to suffer from diseases,” he wrote.

“So look after your family members, look after the children, whose future really depends on how we look after the current situation.”

Last month, Punjab was virtually paralysed due to the dangerous levels of smog in the province. Smog in Lahore crossed all the international benchmarks during November as the level of PM 2.5, which is termed the most dangerous pollutant in the air across the world, remained between 450ug/m3 and 500ug/m3 against the notified standards of 35ug/m3 per day.

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