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NA speaker stresses the need for collective efforts to counter menace of illicit drugs

ISLAMABAD: National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has said that illicit drugs are a common challenge and the parliaments and parliamentarians have a critical role to play in the fight against drugs through advocacy, drug awareness, legislation, resource allocation and the oversight of national counter-narcotics policies.

According to a message received from Moscow, he expressed these views in his keynote address during the International conference of ‘Parliamentarians Against Drugs’ being held from December 3rd to 5th at Moscow, Russia.

The speaker said that the increasingly complex challenge of the worlds’ drug problem continues to negatively affect the health, safety, security, socioeconomic development and well-being of individuals, families and consequently, societies. He further said that illicit drugs are a serious threat to the international community and a matter of grave concern for the entire world.

The speaker stated that according to the recent UNODC statistics, the illicit cultivation of narcotic plants has gone up in difficult regions and globally; illicit drug markets are expanding and the production and manufacturing of drugs remain high as the demand for illicit drugs persists.

He said that Pakistan is one of the most affected transit states and that the nation has been pursuing a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal drugs.

He observed that Pakistan is promoting regional cooperation to counter this situation and that as a member of the Commission of Narcotic Drugs (CND), Pakistan reaffirms it unwavering commitment to continue to play an increasingly constructive role in the global efforts to counter this menace.

The Speaker also said that to address the common challenge of illicit drugs in a sustainable manner, the international community should accelerate its efforts to close the gap between the existing political commitments and their implementation while an established principle of common and shared responsibility should be brought into sharper focus through enhanced sub-regional, regional and international cooperation.

“The key to success lies in enhancing political will and forging constructive partnerships at national, regional and global levels”, said Ayaz Sadiq.

He urged the needs for efforts to strengthen across the entire spectrum of law enforcement, criminal justice, health, education and social development.

He concluded by urging the international community to improve efforts to achieve the goals and targets set in 2009 and expressing his gratitude to the host authorities for their warm hospitality in the beautiful city of Moscow.

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