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A dangerous path

  • Lack of prudence across the board

Ever since the disgraceful ouster of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif he, along with his family, has lambasted the judiciary and other forces alleged to be behind the July 28 decision. In a continued outburst against the judiciary the Sharifs have denounced the robed gentlemen too many a times. Despite a show of restraint on the other side, the Sharifs continue to provoke the judicial soldiers, testing their patience.

The game plan is simple. Simple enough for anyone to comprehend. Their tirade against the judiciary is in hopes for a reaction which they can turn to their benefit politically. Already propagating the iqama decision to a significant extent, the Sharifs desperately continue their attempts to regain popularity. In this quest to save their self-declared Pir, the PML-N leaders and workers have chosen a path that is dangerous for both them and the country. Striving to benefit from a chaotic situation in the country, their half-hearted attempts to evict the protestors during the Faizabad fiasco were an example of their erroneous beliefs.

It can be said that the entire Khadim Hussain Rizvi saga has given Nawaz Sharif and the family a breather and kept them directly out of the limelight for a short while, at least. Nevertheless, people have a short memory span, and Khadim Hussain will be long forgotten, especially if the outcome of the on-going accountability trials is adverse. By the looks of it, the Sharifs have already speculated it to be adverse and as a matter of necessary precaution render occasional statements stating that the decision of the trial is already known and the court should just issue it directly. In light of ensuing circumstances, it is obvious that everyone knows the outcome of the trial. Even staunch supporters have been forced to ponder over the refusal of the sons of MNS to appear before the accountability court and Ishaq Dar’s sudden protracted illness that has bed-ridden him. The accumulation of unprecedented wealth and the refusal to co-operate doesn’t require extra effort for anyone to understand the actual reality.

The trial isn’t the last of the N league’s worries. A full bench of the LHC reserved its verdict a short while ago and is expected to issue it sometime soon. Having heard the lengthy arguments personally, there is little doubt in my mind that the decision is going to be against the government though, in all probability, I could be wrong.

The game plan is simple. Simple enough for anyone to comprehend. Their tirade against the judiciary is in hopes for a reaction which they can turn to their benefit politically

A clash with the majority Muslim class of Pakistan was the last thing they desired. If the theories are indeed true then the ruling party’s plans fell flat in their own faces. Rather than benefit from the chaotic situation at Faizabad, they have been further degraded. Their pursuit of regaining some integrity has landed the system in yet another fix. Setting dangerous precedents such as the Faizabad agreement, which is bound to go down in the books of history as a disaster, the fragile system has been subjected to future similar catastrophes.

The only lesson our children learnt from the aforesaid is that a handful of people can take the twin cities hostage and by inciting religious sentiments they can achieve whatever it is they desire. That is exactly why I labelled this a dangerous path, not just for the government but unfortunately for all the stakeholders. This is particularly supported by the recent falling out between the establishment and the judiciary. Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui’s reprimand against the army was startling for all sorts of spectators. Especially since he is known to be a man with a soft corner for religious activists. This new confrontation is another feather in the dangerous crown of the threat to democracy. He may be right in his own mind, but that is trivial when it comes to saving the nation and more importantly the system. Simultaneously, the Apex Court has also taken a hard stance against the military particularly the country’s premier intelligence agency.

In spite of all reservations between different factions of the state, no one department is going to be the beneficiary in the end. The only amount of benefit received will be by the enemies of the state, both foreign and domestic. A leaked audio clip circulating on social media claims that a plan to create unrest within the country has been formulated by foreign agencies in Afghanistan and is already underway. The recent attacks in KPK and Balochistan might as well support this claim.

There is an urgent need to emancipate from personal confrontations and work together for the betterment of the country. Be it the politicians, judiciary or even the establishment, each needs to comprehend the threat our nation is currently facing. With the development of CPEC, Pakistan has been exposed to more than one enemy and a continued threat to internal peace.

Merely two days back, MNS again launched an attack against the judiciary while addressing a rally in Balochistan. He even went on to state that those punishing him for being not honest are the ones who have always served military dictators and taken PCO oaths.

One fails to understand whose agenda these leaders are serving. Even PTI seeks to immediately benefit from each and every event that transpires. For once, it would be pleasant to see any one of the political parties focusing on saving the system as a whole rather than political point-scoring.

The coming days will even witness PPP and PML-N getting cozy in order to scratch each other’s back. Sheikh Rashid, on the other hand, has once again issued one of his imprudent prophecies that there will be no elections in the coming year. Although not many people care about what he has to say, he should regardless appreciate the gravity of the common man’s illiteracy and issue statements accordingly.

The dangerous path chosen by each and every stakeholder of this country displays a lack of prudence across the board and one can only hope that the Quaid’s land does not bleed further in this quest.