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White Lies

The “biggest in Asia” fever is still around in Pakistan. This time, we’re told (unofficially, to be fair) that the underpass in front of Royal Palm club in Lahore, on the canal, is the longest in Asia.

Well, though the thing is said to be complete, it isn’t being inaugurated because the CM is said to be busy. As are the rest the of the heavy hitters.

The result: all of the underpass’s traffic is plying the road above, causing a choke point. Get someone, anyone to inaugurate the thing!


In the huddle in the League, many politicians are being assigned new roles and portfolios. Of these, many are still wanting to hedge their bets, waiting to see what the new power dynamics are going to be.

Some of these are going about asking the journalists and pundits what’s up, rather than the other way around.