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Jibran Nasir slams Imran Khan for ‘khooni liberal’ remarks

Imran Khan recently got embroiled in a controversy (yet again) when in a press conference on Wednesday, while expressing his opinions in the aftermath of the Faizabad operation he stated that Pakistani liberals were extremely dangerous and were out for blood in the country.

Among other things he also mentioned that his party workers were willing to join the Faizabad sit-in as “the matter of finality of the prophethood of Holy Prophet (PBUH) was beyond the realm of politics”.

His press conference and especially his remarks regarding liberals in Pakistan did not go down well with the civil society and moderate Pakistanis who felt targetted after his press conference.

Jibran Nasir who is a renowned civil liberty activist, lawyer, politician and blogger shared a video on Facebook, criticising Imran Khan’s comments which equated liberal-minded people to extremists who look for blood.

Sharing previous videos of Imran Khan, which showed him narrating narrow-minded opinions, Jibran Nasir criticised Imran Khan on calling the moderate segments of society “out for blood”, when he himself was preaching hatred, intolerance and divide within the Pakistani community.

It was not just Jibran Nasir who came out against the remarks by Imran Khan. Social Media has gone up in arms over the comments which many deem too dangerous for moderate citizens in such precarious times.

Facebook and Twitter users took to their online accounts to condemn the comments and showed dismay over the narrative being propagated by a mainstream political leader.

Rabia Effendi stated,” God save Pakistan if this man ever becomes PM… his ideology and mentality scares me to death”.

Majid Maqsood mocked Imran Khan over his statement of liberals being more dangerous than extremists.

While Twitter user ‘BanoBee’ applauded the PTI chairman over his routine rhetoric of indirectly supporting extremist elements.

Jibran Nasir’s eight-minute video can be viewed below.

Ek "khooni liberal" ki ek buhat baray Leader say moaddabana guzarish. Aap liberals pe toh baras paray magar aap ke khoon kay piasay Khadim Rizvi aur Afzal Qadri say aap nay kufr kay fatway kay dar say is saal kay shoro main maafi maangli thi @ImranKhanPTI

‎Posted by Mohammad Jibran Nasir – Official on‎ 29 نومبر, 2017

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  1. Zubair Khan said:

    IK is an opportunist politician who possesses many facial masks and keep changing them according to political situation in the country. Probably such opportunists never get a chance to decide the destiny of any nation. So Mr MJN need not to worry.

  2. Altaf said:

    Imran wants to be the next PM come what may. He is niether liberal nor conservative nor extremist. He is tje same old person who was locked up and beaten by JI students in Punjab University. He is the same person who used to smuggle hasheesh in cricket gloves. Same who father Seeta’s daughter. Same who tried to rape Reham’s daughter.

  3. Iqbal Ahmed said:

    Shame on you Imran Niazi
    You an opportunist politician , you never will be Prime Minister if you continue the way you conduct yourself.

  4. Zohaib safdar said:

    Hai… Hussain maqsood sir , you said hafiz saeed…
    You are indian or pakistani ?
    He was extrmist for pakistan?

  5. Mushtaq Sethi said:

    His definition of liberal in general ,is all warped and wrong.They are not like he said peace loving,against wars and humanist

    In fact the so-called liberal and secular nations have historically been waging the most uncalled and without any provocation war’s globally .Trampling human rights in militarily occupied nations and within their own country’s respectively !

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