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Hilarious! White American says the word “Biryani”!

A white American man has once again captured the hearts of Pakistanis all over the world after he used the word Biryani in one of his tweets. (AGAIN!)

Comedian Jeremy McLellan, who is an American and a white one at that (which is why his opinion counts), tweeted again late last night that he was craving some good old fashioned Pakistani Biryani and we just totally lost it.

“This isn’t even the first time he has said the word but it’s still so funny!” said one person viewing the tweet in between bouts of laughter before finally passing out for a lack of breath.

The few American fans left to Jeremy continued to be confused as to why he won’t stop saying Biryani and decided to stop following his comedy because it was just that specific. However, we at The Dependent know that they’re just Jay they don’t have a cool white American guy validating their culture. Hah!  

Jeremy even visited Pakistan this year to full houses where he performed by repeatedly saying ‘Biryani’ over and over again. Fans were all the more endeared to him when he mixed things up by saying ‘Pindi Boyzzez’ during his routine. The Dependent has also learned that like, 250,000 people literally passed out by laughing after he interacted with Ayesha Gulalai on twitter.

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s social media presence continued to swell because of all the Pakistanis liking and sharing his tweet. Pakistanis were all the more jubilant because Jeremy ascribes Biryani to Pakistan, and not India, even though its origins were back in pre-partition Mughal Sub-continent. 

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.