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KMC urged to take prompt action against encroachers in Cattle Colony

KARACHI: The local residents of Cattle Colony on Thursday urged Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) to launch an anti-encroachment drive promptly in the area as the issue had been worsening with every passing day and resultantly causing a nuisance for the road users, both motorists and pedestrians.

These views were expressed in the general meeting of “Bhains Colony Reforms Committee” by its members belonging to various spheres of life.

Steering Group of Reforms Committee President Muhammad Rizwan said that the KMC anti-encroachment department had been asked time and again to take a stern action against all the encroachers across the board but it did not pay any heed towards the issue. He added that according to a survey conducted by his team, it was discovered that there were certain elements in the KMC who were sheltering encroachers in order to make money.

He also said that this time, if KMC did not perform its duty, the committee would stage a sit-in in front of Malir deputy commissioner’s office in near future.

Ghulam Murtaza, a member of the survey team, said that a government employee of national flag carrier Haji Abdul Rasheed had set up a weighbridge namely ‘Dastgir Kanta’ illegally at the road no 4 of the colony. The land where the weighbridge had been built belonged to the KMC.

Either the anti-encroachment department was asleep or taking bribes as the owner claims so publically, he said. He added that the weighbridge had narrowed the road almost to half and made it uneven which was causing severe difficulties for the road users.

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