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It’s time we work our way towards national unity, says Fazl

PESHAWAR: Head of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) Maulana Fazlur Rehman has stressed the need for national unity to hold next elections on time and signalled that all the political parties have geared up for the next polls.

Addressing a religious scholars’ convention in Peshawar, Fazl said that when a political war is waged in the country, political unrest gets started. However, he added that the JUI was doing jihad in shape of politics.

“It is high time that we work our way towards national unity because, without unity, this nation won’t make it through to the elections in 2018,” he warned during an address in Mardan. “Terrorism has become Pakistan’s main issue but who is responsible for this,” he said, adding that the US president has hurled allegations on Pakistan, however, the priorities of the global powers have changed with the passage of the time.

Discussing the US policy for the region, Fazl remarked that the country is ‘habitual of talking about negotiations’ after it ‘wages war on Muslims.’

“The only objection they [US] have is that we made their agenda unsuccessful,” he added.

He also alleged that international powers want to destabilise the country. “International powers want to destabilise Pakistan,” Rehman stressed, adding that the country should take the path of national unity.

The JUI-F chief stated that political parties may disagree on strategic decisions but the quest for peace is a common wish. He also said that his party’s participation in the upcoming general elections was being forcefully obstructed.

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