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MNC holds session with NHMP on drug abuse

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry Of Narcotics Control (MNC) held another session against drug abuse with officials of the National Highways and Motorways Police (NHMP) of Sector M-I in Anbar, Swabi.

The MNC has been working in close collaboration with the NH&MP being an effective law enforcement agency. The basic purpose of the activity was to supplement the knowledge of the field officers about drug hazards and to sensitize them about the severity of the prevailing situation across the country, particularly the young generation. Furthermore, they were also told about how they could play their role in fighting the menace of the drugs.

The session was followed by a Q&A session.

MNC Section Officer Akbar Ghani Khan Khattak and Clinical Psychologist Miss Anila Shehryar conducted the session. NH&MP DSP Hamid Mughul thanked the panel of the team and said that they will also include a portion of awareness session against drug abuse in their workshops, lectures, and sessions with schools and colleges on road safety.

The MNC, in collaboration with, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Pakistan Girls Guides Association (PGGA), conducted an informative session against drug abuse with the higher secondary students of Government Girls Higher Secondary School Begum Shahabuddin in Peshawar.

The basic purpose of the session was to sensitize the young girl students and the senior girl guides about drug hazards so that they could play their due role against the menace of drug abuse in their surroundings as helping hands of the MNC.

The students were motivated to initiate their role from their respective families if any of their relations had plunged into drug abuse or had developed an inclination towards it.

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