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Shelter home for women to be set up: district official

MULTAN: The administration of Violence Against Women Centre (VAWC) is introducing shelter home to aggrieved women of South Punjab.

District Officer Social Welfare Muhammad Ahmed Chishti stated that a few months back, Punjab government introduced VAWC  at Mattital area, a suburban area of Multan, with an aim to curb crimes against women.

The Violence Against Women Centre is providing facilities for registration of first information report (FIR), provision of psychological and legal help, forensic investigation, medico-legal examination and rehabilitation under one roof.

The construction of shelter home would be an addition into the centre and it would offer accommodation facilities to 50 women along with their minor kids, he added.

About the performance during its first 6-months, Muhammad Ahmed Chishti stated that VAWC received nearly 1100 complaints including 752 of domestic violence, 68 complaints of harassment, 51 divorces,  36 rapes and 19 complaints of life threats.

The department successfully resolved 900 complaints and ensured punishment to culprits. He however suggested that there was need  to create more awareness among women about purpose of VAWC.

To a query about provision of facilities, Muhammad Ahmed Chishti informed that the women would be given accomodation as per their  choice. When women feel insecure and are reluctant to  live with their families, the residential  facility within the shelter home is also provided.

The shelter home would also impart vocational training to the women with a vision to empower them economically.Similarly, religious education would also be given at the centre, he added.

The aggrieved women would also find recreation activities including  TV room and Toy rooms for their kids would also be establish for amusement,  he said. About completion of shelter home, the official informed that  it would be completed during on-going year.

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