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International symposium on molecular biology kicks off in Lahore

LAHORE: Higher Education Commission (HEC) Executive Director Professor Dr Arshad Ali on Tuesday inaugurated a three-day international symposium on recent advances in molecular biology titled “Advances in Molecular Biology of Plants and Health Sciences” at National Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB).

PU Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Zafar Mueen Nasar, HEC Regional Office Director-General Nazeer Hussain, Professor Dr Riazuddin Sheikh, CEMB Director Professor Dr Tayyab Husnain, faculty members and over 100 scientists from Japan, Germany, KSA, Sudan, China as well as from different prestigious institutes of Pakistan were present on the occasion.

During his welcome address Dr Tayyab said that the idea behind this international symposium was to gather scientists; share science and come up with ways to collaborate. He said that the participation of such a large number of molecular biologists from the agriculture and health side in this symposium was a good sign and showed the magnitude of the interest of the participants.

During his talk, Professor Dr Arshad Ali applauded the efforts of scientists and staff of CEMB for organising a mega event and appreciated the productive idea of Dr Tayyab Husnain to bring the alumni back, giving them a chance to present their research.

He said that researchers at CEMB are doing a wonderful job in agriculture and health sciences and that it is the need of the hour to disseminate this knowledge to the common man as well as their fellow researchers. He added that this may aid them in playing their part well in the contribution to the countries progress.

Arshad further hoped that symposium will provide a platform for new international collaborations and students would benefit from the experience of research scholars from different parts of the world.

The vice-chancellor said that CEMB stands at the forefront of other life science departments in molecular biology research. “Researchers at CEMB are also working for the welfare of the common man and the cottonseed developed by CEMB will save local farmers billions of rupees and bring a revolution in the rural areas of the country,” he added.

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