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Five more bullet-riddled bodies of Punjabis found in Balochistan’s Turbat

QUETTA: Just two days after bodies of 15 men from Punjab were recovered from Kech in Balochistan’s Turbat district, the paramilitary Levies on Saturday found five more bullet-ridden bodies from near the Baran Hostel, Heeok-Tajaban tehsil in Turbat.

The bodies have been shifted to a nearby hospital where three of them have been identified as Usman Qadir, Danish Ali and Badar Munir. All five men belonged to Gujrat.

 On Wednesday, 15 dead bodies were recovered from Turbat, Quetta, who had also been shot and killed, and all of them also had alleged connections to Punjab.

The banned Baloch Liberation Front (BLF), headed by Allah Nazar Baloch, has claimed responsibility for the killings of the 15 men from Punjab, supposedly aspiring to enter Europe illegally.

The mountainous region of Buleda is 600 kilometres south of Quetta. From here the human traffickers compel people to sneak into Iran in bid to enter Europe illegally.

Kech district is considered to be one of the most sensitive districts in the province. Militants in the area have repeatedly attacked labourers, security forces and pro-government politicians in the area.

Earlier, three bullet-riddled bodies were found in the area in September, while another two were found in October.

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  2. fahad said:

    The heading should be “Indian backed militants try to start sectarian violence in Balochistan”

  3. James said:

    Now I understand why General Musharraf tried to cleanse Balochistan of these miscreants.

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