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‘Peace committee’ imposes Taliban-style restrictions in Wana

WANA: A faction of the Taliban, under the guise of a peace committee, has made a comeback to Wana, South Waziristan Agency and placed a ban on cultural and social activities.

According to reports, the ‘peace committee’, issuing guidelines through pamphlets, has put restrictions on the movement of women outside their homes without male members of their family and warned that violators would face repercussions.

The committee’s guidelines state that those activities which promote immorality or violate Islamic teachings would not be permitted on wedding ceremonies or other festive occasions.

The committee is headed by Salahuddin alias Ayubi, a successor of Mullah Muhammad Nazir — an influential Taliban leader.

The pamphlets also bar residents from staying outside their homes after 10pm so as to ensure “peace” in the area.

The issued leaflet claimed that elders and Ulema of Karikot, Ghwa Khwa, Sha­heen Warsak, Doog, Dabb Koat, Zari Noor and Sherna had agreed to these steps.

According to the leaflet, a committee comprising elders and Ulema has been set up to ensure implementation of the ‘code of conduct’ and to identify violators of the guidelines. A local cleric, identified as Ameer Ainullah, has been appointed head of the committee.

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