Consensus, cooperation is the way forward, tweets CM Shehbaz


Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif remarked Tuesday that decisions taken during Council of Common Interests’ Monday meeting shows that consensus and cooperation is the way forward for a stronger Pakistan.

“During CCI meeting, all provincial & federal govts agreed on redrawing constituencies & holding elections on time. The larger lesson: it is by coming together that we can resolve the most intricate of issues. Consensus & cooperation is the way forward for a stronger Pakistan,” the chief minister posted on his twitter account.


The CM, in a tweet, also mentioned that working together could help resolve the “most intricate of issues.”

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  1. Pakistan Today said:

    He has finally learnt to tweet or maybe not. This man has still not grown wiser. It is this “consensus and cooperation” culture introduced by the two brothers that has brought us to the stage where we are laughing stock of the whole world.

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