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Firebrand cleric Khadim Rizvi booked for ‘unintentional murder’ of infant

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad police on Thursday registered an FIR [First Information Report] against sectarian outfit Tehreek Labaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLY) leader Khadim Rizvi in a case pertaining to the death of an infant.

According to the FIR, the infant’s family was not able to reach the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) on Wednesday night because of the presence of roadblocks due to a joint rally being held in the federal capital by the TLY and Sunni Tehreek (ST).

The protest was held to protest the amendment made to the Khatam-e-Nabuwwat declaration for electoral candidates even though the government has already reversed the change.

The FIR was registered against Rizvi and other participants of the protest under Section 322 of the Pakistan Penal Code which deals with Qatal-bis-Sabab (unintentional murder).

In the FIR, the child’s father claimed that his eight-month-old son’s life could have been saved if they had reached the hospital in time.

The capital administration and police’s wait-and-watch approach to the rally by the religious groups paralysed the capital on Wednesday, allowing the rally to enter the city and later occupy Faizabad Bridge.

According to officials, meetings were conducted between the administration and police officials, and the TLY and ST leadership, but both sides were unable to reach an understanding.

The administration decided to seal the Red Zone except for one road that was left open for the movement of officials.

Containers were also brought to Faizabad and Zero Point and placed at the side of the roads to use once the strength and mood of the rally had been observed, an official said, adding that strategies for the situation had not been discussed until the rally reached Islamabad.

Commuters between Rawalpindi and Islamabad as well as other cities have been suffering immensely from the last couple of days due to blocking of all main roads by the police using containers following the sit-in.

Though the Tehrik has been staging the sit-in with nominal attendance, all the main roads in Rawalpindi and Islamabad have been blocked with containers making it impossible for the commuters, including school going children and emergency patients, to move from one place or another. Many college and university going students could not attend their educational institutions on Thursday due to the so-called ‘extraordinary’ security arrangements.

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