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Contacting Nawaz would be tantamount to betraying country: Zardari

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday came down hard on Nawaz Sharif following the latter’s statements against the country’s judiciary and said that Sharif had unveiled his “undemocratic” agenda.

Speaking to media after chairing a meeting of PPP in Islamabad, the former president said that contacting Nawaz Sharif in these circumstances would be tantamount to betraying the country.

Zardari claimed that Sharif had presented his “unknown agenda” in front of everyone after belittling the Supreme Court and accountability court judges. “Nawaz is following the agenda of certain international powers”, Zardari alleged, adding that PPP would never let Nawaz succeed in his plans.

Zardari went on to add that an attack on judges was equal to an attack on Constitution which was the same as an attack on democracy. Nawaz considers himself above law and accountability, he said.

“The nation knows that I will never become a part of any conspiracy against the democracy,” Zardari added.

Attacking the deposed prime minister further, Zardari accused him of trying to make the Pakistan Army his slave and of blackmailing judges. “After Nawaz failed, he initiated personal attacks against the judges,” he said, calling Sharif’s strategies a “double game”.

“Sometimes he gives statements against Shehbaz; at others, he shows that they are united,” said Zardari.

Including Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairperson Imran Khan’s name with Sharif’s in his tirade, Zardari remarked, “One doesn’t accept warrants of arrest against him, while the other doesn’t accept the court’s verdicts”.

“Still, both leaders give lectures on law and Constitution to the people,” he added.

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