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White Lies

First two among equals?

Though Nawaz Sharif might have resigned from his job, he is still called the prime minister by the stalwarts of the party. Which means that there is plenty of room for confusion, given how we actually do have a prime minister as well.

Doesn’t the former premier’s lengthy cavalcade, the one that the media doesn’t tire showing, further muddle things?

How to remove the confusion? Well, they could use different names. The Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of Hearts ought to settle things.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi famously doesn’t wear ties. Something about a Californian rule of only wearing them at weddings or funerals.

The Prime Minister of Hearts, on the other hand, was very particular about his ties. He had developed an eye for a good tie as well. At meetings, he could spot if someone was wearing a good tie; could even identify the brand.

Ever in need of brownie points, some ministers started wearing them as well.

With the incumbent in office, however, some have opted out of wearing them.

I guess the answer to the questions posed in the first piece could be judged by the proportions in the federal cabinet of those who wear ties and those who don’t.