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Sindh government increases efforts to replace Sindh IG

KARACHI: Sindh Law Minister Zia-ul Hassan Nijar said on Monday that the provincial government will write a letter to the federal government for replacement of Sindh Inspector General of police (IG) AD Khawaja.

The provincial law minister speaking to media, stated that the government is viewing the matter in view of the court’s deadline and that a letter will be written within two days, nominating Grade 22 officer Abdul Majeed Dasti.

The Sindh government has increased efforts to replace the existing Sindh IG , the Sindh Secretary Services also recommending the same.

The recommendation came during a session of the cabinet presided by Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah.

AD Khawaja in his defense stated that police officers should not be transferred before the end of their tenure without substantial grounds. He cited the case of  police chiefs for other provinces, who were also grade 21 officers.

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