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Police say Qandeel was murdered at house of Qavi’s friend

MULTAN: Social media sensation Qandeel Baloch was killed at the house of a close friend of Mufti Abdul Qavi, police told the court on Monday.

The suspects arrested in connection with the murder, Waseem and Haq Nawaz, were presented before Multan District and Sessions Court magistrate by the police.

Qandeel’s parents Azeem and Anwar Bibi told the magistrate that they believed that Mufti Qavi was responsible for the death of their daughter.

Mufti Qavi, who is currently in police custody after his pre-arrest bail was rejected by a court earlier in October, was also present in the court.

The cleric, however, maintained his innocence before the court and said he had done nothing illegal, adding that whatever had happened was on the record.

Azeem told the magistrate that he would not forgive the persons involved in his daughter’s murder.

Investigating Officer Asif Shahzad asked the court for a three-day extension in the cleric’s physical remand, saying that police was likely to get the results of a polygraph test conducted on Qavi soon, on the basis of which they would be investigating further. Upon which, the judge told him to submit the final charge sheet on November 20.

Three lawyers representing Mufti Qavi told the court that police were unable to gain anything despite an 11-day remand of the cleric and requested that no further extension in remand be granted to police.

His lawyers maintained that the polygraph test had no legal standing.

The court extended the cleric’s physical remand for two more days, and adjourned the hearing until Nov 1.

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