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Today’s White Lies

So the prime minister of hearts was seen recently at the Masjid-e-Nabwi in Saudi Arabia. A passerby took a photo of his, where the former was deep in contemplation, having covered his face with his hands.

Now one knows one should respect a man’s connection with the Almighty. You know, the whole Creator-Creation confidentiality clause. But we can still be certain in figuring out what our man was asking for.


Budgets. The Wedding Industrial Complex has metastasised into a gargantuan ecosystem. Brides now want budgets. Yes, total outlay within which they can plan things.

Bridezillas can demand the highest carat solitaires. They can demand the unbelievably (believe us) priced bridal dresses of the top designers.

It’s almost as if, before an engagement, a PC1 needs to be written up, a budget sanctioned and then moved on.

Recently, nuptial negotiations between two interested parties broke down because the bride’s side absolutely would not lower the wedding budget!