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Irresponsible condemnation of Ahmad Noorani attack can demoralise Ahmed Noorani attackers: Dependent Editorial Comment

In the aftermath of the attack on Ahmed Noorani, there has been a spate of condemnations by self-styled champions of freedom of speech and self-styled champions of democracy and self-styled blood relatives of Ahmed Noorani.

We at The Dependent would like to caution these individuals and say that such condemnation can demoralise those attackers. Yes, freedom of speech is an ideal that is enshrined in our Constitution but that does not give anyone the license to condemn the attackers of Ahmed Noorani.

In particular, it is really inappropriate for Ahsen Iqbal, the sitting federal interior minister, to be condemning the attackers. These attackers, after all, belong to Pakistan; it is shameful that he should be saying such things.

The mom-batti mafia will now create hashtags on social media about this and send petitions to Reporters Without Borders. All the while not realising the feelings of those who attacked Ahmed Noorani. Do these so-called activists realise the risks these people faced? The risk of their palms being chafed by the rods that they were holding to attack Noorani and his driver.

It is easy to criticise the attackers of Ahmed Noorani but remember that while you safely sleep at night in your comfortable homes, it is only they who are out there, beating Ahmed Noorani.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.

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