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Sinister move

As the Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control, in Pakistan and around the world as well as human rights organization all around brace for observing a Black Day on October 27 in continued protest against Indian occupation of valley of Jammu and Kashmir which it had invaded on this day in 1947, Indian government has named a former Indian Intelligence Chief as its special representative to initiate and carry forward a dialogue with elected representatives, various organizations and concerned individuals in its occupied territory.

Pakistan has done well by giving a prompt and befitting response to this sinister Indian move apparently to undermine Kashmiris observance of the Black Day on October 27 and as an eyewash to the international community at large.

Pakistan has quite rightly and forcefully the Indian announcement about initiating a dialogue to understand legitimate aspirations of the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir terming it as insincere and unrealistic move because any meaningful dialogue must include three parties to the lingering unresolved dispute i.e. Pakistan, Kashmiris and India.

This sinister move by India will neither undermine and adversely affect the Black Day observance by the Kashmiris nor it is going to have any positive impact whatsoever on the international community as such as the world at large is fully aware about the India’s track record of making announcements and commitments and then backing out without these being implemented like the UN Resolutions for granting right of self-determination to the Kashmiris which it had agreed on the floor of the world body’s Security Council meeting decades back.