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Much ado about nothing

On 23 October for over 5 hours there was live drama telecast about Shakeel Memon, a former Sindh minister and close associate of Asif Zardari, accused for corruption of approximately Rs6 Billion, whose bail was rejected by High Court. It was expressed desire of accused that either he be given another bail or be sent on judicial remand and not handed over to NAB for further interrogation.

He was finally picked by NAB with help of police and rangers after he had to leave premises of Sind High Court, when office hours had elapsed. After all this much ado about nothing, he spent the night in NAB premises and next day was presented before NAB Court, which granted his wish to be sent to judicial remand, where we all know he will be treated like a VIP. Media reports and investigations by other agencies have already revealed that even criminals involved in heinous crimes were not only living in luxury, but also operating their nefarious activities and gangs from Karachi Central Jail.

NAB created to punish criminals has gained notoriety through friendly prosecution and boosting revenues generated through plea bargains, and giving clean chit to the corrupt, making them eligible to hold elected or paid public offices, where they may continue to mint billions driving this country to bankruptcy. There is not a single high profile corrupt individual who has been punished appropriately and the looted money recovered ever since its inception. If this culture, where plundering the state with a vengeance as if these were spoils of war continues, than nobody can save this country. No wonder once profitable state institutions like PIA, PSM, National Bank of Pakistan, PSO, NICL etc. have been reduced to white elephants.