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A voice from students

It was unbelievable to hear that in Quaid-I-Azam University (QAU) many students were beaten badly including a girl who was beaten a lot by the police and she is critically injured. The students raised voices that the university warned that after two years fee will increased 44% but before the completion of even one year the university has increased the fee by 22%. Also, the university said it would provide them with quality education and good teachers but they have not been provided. Students say that the teachers may have received PhDs in their fields but seem to know nothing. The students were merely demanding their rights and stating that they could not give so much money when it wasn’t being used in their interest. The only thing that happened was that they were beaten and many of them are injured.
Thus it is my humble request to the government: our beautiful country is one of the democratic countries and in our country everyone has right to raise their voice, so government should make them free to do so and should come up with good solutions for the existing problem.