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Census and Transgenders

The 2017 census is no less than a nightmare for transgender people. According to the census result: there are only 10,418 transgender people in the country. This figure is clearly inaccurate and can be refuted through the available date of the number of trans-right organisations. The arguments are being put for warded that only CNIC holders were counted in the census. This argument is even more arguable, illogical and gives the right to obtain their identity cards in 2012.Yet; this right is more confined to papers then is found in practice. Even now this community to go through many hurdles just to obtain a CNIC that proves their nationality. The census approach and its result depict the bleak face of our society. Which even now is unable to accept the transgender people as a part of our society? Without true, number this marginalised group will continue to get abused by state institution, officials and society. The government must take pragmatic steps to ensure their correct numbers, even if it has to recount them.