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Today’s lies

With all the talk within the party circles of the possibility of Shehbaz Sharif being the next prime minister, our man has taken it upon himself to develop some distinctly prime-ministerial looks. Yes, teeth in particular.

He was seen with his wife recently, at the clinic of Lahore’s most expensive dentist, having his pearly whites examined. His khadimness wants his 32 to be right as soldiers (hint, hint) if he gets his stint at the PM House.


The Pakistan Fashion Design Council held a high-profile event recently in Lahore. Though the festivities went on for a quite a while, yet the guests weren’t given any grub at all.

For all the money the fashion types make, they seemed to be a tad too frugal with thebandobast. Or was it merely a case of having the guests empathise with the foodless existence of the anorexic models walking the stage?