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Safe Cities

Who does not want to have safe and secure living and peaceful atmosphere around? Quite obviously answer to this pertinent question is a big yes as there can be no other reply to this. Realising this important dire need of the citizens of the big cities of the province, the Punjab Government has done well to launch somewhat unique Safe City Projects for big cities which aim at providing crime free peaceful atmosphere for the citizens.

Needless to mention here that the provincial government attaches great importance to protection and safeguarding life and property of the people and in view of this is fully benefitting from modern technologies which is an important need of the hour.  For providing peaceful and safe atmosphere and effectively checking and controlling crime, the unique Safe City Projects are also being in the process of being launched in other major cities of the province as well in phased manner.

All this augurs well. Use of modern technologies to ensure safe and secure cities and curbing crime in major cities of the province is quite commendable pro-people work of the provincial government.