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Mockery of judicial system must not be made, says Maryam Nawaz

ISLAMABAD: Daughter of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz on Thursday stated that a mockery of the judicial system must not be made.

Maryam stated this while talking to media outside the courtroom following her indictment, wondering where “boxes full of evidence” [prepared by the Panama case JIT] had disappeared.

One day, the accountability of the accountability process will take place, which her family is going through, she said.

“Injustice and atrocities cannot continue together,” she remarked.

She asserted that PML-N stands untied warning those attempting to break the party would, in turn, be damaging themselves.

“The party is still following the policy of Nawaz Sharif,” she clarified.

She said the government is an institution which should be respected.

“Each institution should do its job,” she remarked.

Earlier on Thursday,  Maryam Nawaz remarked that for the first time in history, members of a ‘Sicilian Mafia’ have appeared before the courts.

She was likely referring to the famed Supreme Court remark that was made in June this year in reference to the notorious mafia, during a contempt of court case hearing against PML-N’s Senator Nehal Hashmi.

Maryam Nawaz was talking to reporters inside the courtroom— where she and her husband Capt (r) Safdar were present for a corruption hearing against her and her family. She said that her family was punished before the trial had even started, adding that her father, ousted prime minister, Nawaz Sharif will most probably be back in the country by the end of this month. She also mentioned that her mother, Kulsoom Nawaz is undergoing chemotherapy at the moment and her health is improving.

Earlier in June, the Supreme Court took suo motu notice of a video that went viral, showing Hashmi making threatening remarks reportedly against the Supreme Court and the Panama case Joint Investigation Team.

During the hearing of the case, Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed said that only the people belonging to mafias give threats the way Hashmi did. He also ‘congratulated’ the attorney general for representing a ‘mafia’ government.

On April 20 this year, the Supreme Court Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, in a historic judgment in the Panama Papers case, began the judgment with a quote from the film, ‘The Godfather.’

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