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Child labour

Witnessing a child working on a rickshaw is one of the toughest things to see. He was almost 7 years old. He is out of school and doing this to earn bread and butter for his family. We can find many other children in the city who are working from dawn to dusk to fulfil the wishes of their families.

Despite having older brothers and fathers, the children below the age of 15 are working in different garages, workshops, zarang cars and etc. The basic right of those children like getting an education is being snatched by the family members with the assistance of the concerned authorities who are not showing any seriousness towards child labour in the city or country. It is the only cause which makes the illiteracy rate of Pakistan fly above the clouds and the GDP sink lower down to earth.

I would like to request the families of these children not to send them to work unless very much compelled and to protect their special days of childhood. Government should take some steps on this issue.