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Chris Hemsworth is up and ready for Bollywood

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is game for working in the Indian film industry – provided he is offered a ‘great script.’

Asked as to whether he is open to working in a Bollywood film, Hemsworth told IANS, “Sure. I’d go where the fun is and then scripts are… if there was a great script, I’d be up for anything.”

Hemsworth is currently busy promoting his upcoming movie, Thor: Ragnarok, which is the third instalment in the Thor franchise with actor Mark Ruffalo and director Taika Waititi.

Another new factor is that Hemsworth, who is popular for sporting long hair in the film for his iconic character Thor, will be seen in a short hairdo. He will be also fighting a war without his weapon – the hammer, also known as Mjolnir.

“Cutting the hair, losing the hammer to changing the costumes and then having someone like Taika who sort of brought such a unique vision and tone to it and humour,” Hemsworth said.

Adding a dash of humour to the film was a ‘big thing.’

“The big thing to it was to have more humour and having fun and wacky quality to it,” he said.

This will be the first time that the characters Thor and the Hulk will be seen together outside of a Marvel Studios’ Avengers franchise.

Talking about working with Ruffalo in the film, Hemsworth said, “It happened and it was great because… he’s just so much fun and -especially improvising with him, he has this child-like innocence and an uncertainty in the character that didn’t exist before and which I feel is very refreshing to have, which makes him more accessible.”

Thor: Ragnarok, which releases on November 3, is the 17th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all which culminates in Avengers: Infinity War.

The new addition to the superhero film family is the Oscar-winning star Cate Blanchett, which makes her the first female villain in the Marvel universe.

Hemsworth says that he was intimidated by her.

“I was pretty damn intimidated by her. I kind of worshipped her and I still do. I thought I don’t deserve to stand in front of the camera with her… how am I going to pull this off? I met her and she’s the most open, warm ‘egoless’ wonderful person.

But was it intimidating to work with Blanchett, Ruffalo and Anthony Hopkins?

“Yes, I was. Always. And you know they are more sort of iconic, famous and successful. But all of sudden when you work with some young kid who is amazing and makes you think he’s way better than them.”

The actor, who has worked in films like GhostbustersSnow White And The Huntsman and Rush, says one needs to be open to learning.

“I think it’s part of having a great sense of humility. Open to learning from people and little bit fear is good. It keeps you to strive harder,” Hemsworth, 34, added.

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