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Little white lies

The First Daughter, the Heir Apparent, She Who Ran A Cell, has developed the first trait of the ruling class in the country. She appears to have a pir now.

Yes, it’s as peculiar an affair as that fellow who used to hit a former prime minister with a staff. This one has a sacred bird, it appears. A bird whose blessings the First Daughter seeks.

But this isn’t the only regard in which people have been speaking about Maryam. She has had tongues wagging about why she was not staying in Raiwind while she was in Lahore or at her uncle Shehbaz’s place.

Her decision to not stay with her Uncle is presumably going to give further wind to the rumours of the two not seeing eye to eye. Specially since the two are going to be squaring off against each other within the party for the possible post of prime minister.

Her decision not to stay in Raiwind, on the other hand, seems to be informed by plain logistics. Would have been too much of a hassle going to and from every day. So where did she decide to stay? At her daughter’s father-in-law’s place.

Chaudhry Muneer lives in Scotch Corner, behind what used to be the International Hotel. Since it was a late notice, her decision to stay there, the roads leading to the place were re-metalled overnight.

Another, predictably interesting aspect of her stay is that her husband is conspicuously absent.